Somali Bar Association (SBA) not only trains and licences new lawyers, but the organization also is determined to create an easier route to justice for Somalis across the country. SBA was established in December of 2011, and with the generous donations of various NGOs and intergovernmental organizations, the group is able to implement a number of their mandates throughout the years. Despite the fragile political climate and various regions still suffering at the hands of Al-Shabab, SBA is determined to expand their work to every single community within the Somali borders.
SBA currently partners with local NGOs and the government to ensure the responsibilities and strategies towards civil protection on the observance of the human rights and fundamental freedoms are being upheld in Somalia. SBA currently reviews Somalia’s existing laws and collaborates with legislatures to create new laws that do not violate unalienable rights of Somalis.
Somali Bar Association’s (SBA) mandate is enhancing the reputation of Somali lawyers and improving the quality of their performance in service delivery. The SBA is to determined to the establishment of an independent judiciary, that respect of human rights. The promotion of human rights is one of the indispensable purposes of the Somali Bar Association.
SBA has established a human rights monitoring system to eliminate all forms of abuses that might prevent minority groups from joining the development process. In addition, the SBA provides free legal aid to the victims of human rights violations. Hence why the association’s main objectives are to adopt appropriate human rights and legal education strategies that best aid the people to defend themselves from violations of their rights. Simultaneously, SBA works tirelessly to improve the legal system of the country by providing training to betterpreapare new lawyers and lobby legislators to create laws that benefit every Somali, regardless of their background

SBA Mission

SBA mission is to improve the standards of the legal profession in Somalia. Through feasible access to justice, and promote the equity and equality that is enshrined in the “United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and other subsequent international bills of human rights.

SBA Vision

SBA’s vision for Somalia is to aid in the creation of an independent judiciary that functions effectively. In addition, work to provide practicing lawyers in Somalia the training they need to do their job well.

Associational Chart

The SBA has an associational chart, which is functional. The Associational chart clearly defines hierarchical leadership, management structures and functions of the SBA, and below are the main organs of the association:

1) General Assembly.
2) Board of Directors: Chairman, Vice-Chairman,
3) Training & Law Department Human Resources Department Administration & Finance.
4) Legal Aid Department.
5) Programming & Planning.

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